The cord blood is collected after your baby is delivered. The cord is clasped and the baby is separated from the cord and thereafter moved from the birthing area. Doctor collects the cord blood by inserting a needle into the cord vein and then draining the blood into the blood bag. The procedure is hence, painless and risk free for you as well as your baby. The whole collection process takes around 2 to 3 minutes after the delivery.


S.N Content Benefits
1 Connected Flap gel pack of bigger size 1. Extra surface of cooling during transport
2. Higher temperature retention capacity
3. No chance of leakage during transport & advanced gel technology
2 Thermo insulated double protection pack 1. Double protection during transport
2. Better temperature retention during transport
3 Bar Code stickers To ensure individuality every material and sample within the KIT
4 Cord Washing solution wash the cord as generally post collection of cord it has stains of blood which needs to be washed so as to eradicate chance of contamination
5 Cord Transport Solution To ensure the nutrition of the cells in cord during transport and als prevent contamination during transport.
6 IPA standard thermocol covering The density and dimensions of the thermocol block is made as per the higher temperature retention and safety of sample during transport
7 UN Code 3733 The code as per IATA guidelines for waiver from X-RAY scanning during transport

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