Power of Inhouse Technology
Technology as “Pure” as your Baby

Purity begins at child birth and so does the preservation of life saving stem cells. We want every thing around our baby to be pure, then why not the technology for preserving the lifesaving stem cells. Cryoviva India, the only stem cell preserver in India to bring you Cell Pure:

  • FACT and AABB accredited Swiss technology from bio-safe known as SEPAX.

  • Technology that gives you higher yield of Cells.

  • A fully automated technology that eliminates risk of accidental mixing up of units in purest form by science.

Cryoviva India is first in India to adopt the technology
Most transplantation outcome record – Public cord blood banks have supplied over 11,000 cord blood units for transplantation to date and their technology selection criteria are based solely on quality and performance — Sepax has been chosen by over 70% public banks around the world.

Credibility – Sepax
The first fully automated stem cell processing device available for cord blood processing and the first to be cleared by the US FDA is today the industry standard with more references in scientific publications than any other automated technology. Sepax is used in the most stringent regulatory environments worldwide and complies with the highest industry quality standards, such as FACT and AABB.

In the last 10 years Sepax technology has processed stem cells from more than 350,000 newborns. Sepax systems installed in over 40 countries, a large majority of the world’s leading public and private banks put their trust in Sepax technology.

Automated stem cell processing means quality processing

  • Direct impact on the number of cells that are ‘recovered’ from the initial cord blood unit.

  • Sepax provides processing in a closed environment, ensuring safety and sterility.

  • No other external centrifuge or operator intervention is required.

  • Sepax processes every cord blood unit individually ensuring full traceability and eliminating the risk of accidental mix-up with other cord blood units.


  • Swiss-made patented automated cord blood processing system

  • Requires no operator intervention during processing.

  • Smooth & precise cell separation.

  • Closed processing system.

  • Process every cord blood unit individually.

  • Cleared by USFDA, approved by European Union & Japan MHLW.

  • Complies with highest quality standards Such as AABB & FACT-Netcord.


  • Reliable, state-of-the-art technology for cord blood processing.

  • Yields consistent, reproducible results (ie.. cell recoveries)

  • Safe & highly sterile during processing.

  • Eliminates any possible cross – contamination.

  • Proven technology, equipment and consumables that are used by industry leaders.

  • No sample mix up.

  • Faster processing ensuring higher recoveries

  • More than 2500 units used for successful transplant processed with Sepax.

Sepax® versus other processing methods
Cell Dose is the most Important Factor in Transplants Number of Cell Count Over Body Weight:

  • Minimum 15 million cells per kg is required for a typical transplant.

  • The higher the cell count, the higher the success rate.

  • Sepax® can harvest up to 52% more cell count as compared to the open processing method.


  • If 600 million cells are recovered from a cord blood unit using open processing method, it can be used to treat a person weighing up to 40 kg

  • Sepax® can harvest up to 52% more cells which is approximately 312 million more cells, which gives you approximately 912 million cells.

  • This sample can then be used to treat a person weighing up to 60 kg.


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